Five ways businesses can be more sustainable in 2022

Five ways businesses can be more sustainable in 2022

With every New Year’s Eve that rolls around, many of us take the time to reflect on the parts of our lives that feel dissatisfactory. Whether it’s finally signing up to the gym, skipping the pub for dry January, or handing in our notice at a job we detest, we promise ourselves this year we will do better. 

Unfortunately, these resolutions can be tough to stick to, and it’s easy to give up and put off making changes until next year. But what happens when what’s at stake is riskier than a missed spin class? When it comes to taking action against environmental threats, it is vital that we follow up on our promises. 

So, how exactly can you commit to a more sustainable 2022 for your business?

Changing commuting habits 

A study carried out by decarbon8 found that the Covid-19 induced homeworking policy resulted in an overall CO2 reduction of 17-60% on average. By encouraging flexible office hours in the workplace, we can make a significant impact on the level of emissions caused by daily commuting. 

If homeworking isn’t always a viable choice, incentivising staff to walk/cycle to work is another brilliant way to help reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Monthly team challenges with mileage goals can be great for office morale, as well as for our mental and physical health. The planet will thank you for it and so will your staff. 

Minimising your wastage 

How many coffee cups are thrown away in offices each day? How many pages are wasted by printing on a single side? By putting more thought into our daily habits we can make simple changes that make a big difference. 

Discontinuing single use tableware in favour of reusable options is an inexpensive but impactful way to cut down on your wastage. A nice example of this would be providing branded, reusable cups that can be brought into work each day. It’s a nice perk for your employees and will encourage them to rethink the part they can play in creating a more sustainable environment. 

Switching to renewable energy providers 

Switching to a renewable energy business tariff is easy and effective. You’ll be receiving the same gas and electricity as before, but can feel assured that you’re investing your money consciously.

By investing in green energy, businesses can help reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and ensure renewable energy is being fed back into the grid. 

Investing in renewable energy technology 

Wanting to keep your offices warm without contributing to the emissions created by central heating? Investing in technology such as air source heat pumps can be a fantastic way to do that. Air source heat pumps take the warmth from the air outside, no matter the temperature, and use it to heat your spaces. 

Focus on making small changes

It might surprise you how much energy you can save from simply paying more attention
to the small details. Ensuring you switch off all lights, computers and other equipment
when they’re not being used is an easy fix and can save you money on your bills too.
It’s also imperative that you keep your equipment up to date and efficient. This will allow
your business to run smoothly without creating high levels of energy wastage.

These are just a handful of suggestions to aid your business on it’s green journey in 2022, but there are advances and innovations being made every day. We want to encourage you to stay curious and get creative in your approach to sustainability; the more engaged you can be, the more likely you are to affect change.

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