Our role as creatives is to tell stories that make a positive change.

Floom Creative’s goal is to create bold visual campaigns that leave a lasting impact; expanding your business’ outreach while keeping our shared passion for sustainability a priority.

We are a marketing agency that is committed to creating work with our clients that feels natural to their brands unique voice and ethos.

Our Vision

When it comes to sustainability, seeing the bigger picture and the impact business has on our planet is essential.

what makes us different

the Values we live by


We collaborate with brands who share the same values as us and live by those values every day.  We believe the natural environment comes first and that everything we, and our clients, do should have an environmental and ethical purpose.


Transparency is at the heart of any sustainable business, and it underpins everything we do at Floom Creative, what we do with our clients and how we tell their enviro-positive stories.


When it comes to sustainable businesses, being trustworthy is another key value. The sceptics are quick to view environmental claims as greenwash.  So, if those claims are not founded on accurate, provable facts the sceptics become even more sceptical, while customers will view the business as untrustworthy and take their custom elsewhere.


Honesty goes hand in hand with transparency and is another of our key values. Honesty in a business gives you a foundation to build upon, positively impacting everything from employee morale and customer loyalty to client and supplier relationships.

get to know us

Floom is its people

Fin Kinsella

Founder & Creative Director
Harvey Platt

Harvey Platt

Founder & Client Services Director

Romana Nakonechna

Social Media Executive

Georgia Silver

Content Writer

Will Day

Content Writer

Jack Anderson

Content Writer