Defining Chapter

Defining Chapter

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Defining Chapter, a coaching and training company dedicated to empowering purpose-led organisations, approached us with a challenge to redefine their brand identity and revamp their online presence. They sought a modern, impactful identity resonating with their mission and values. The client also aimed to create a dynamic website that effectively communicated their services and engaged their target audience.

To be able to revamp the look of Defining Chapter, we had to delve deep and collaborate closely with Defining Chapter’s team. We discussed values, goals, vision, mission and unique offerings. Leveraging these insights, we embarked on a creative journey to redefine their brand and enhance their digital footprint.

Defining Chapter

Brand Identity Transformation:


Logo Redesign

We developed a bold and impactful logo typography-based logo that symbolised strength, transformation and purpose.


Color Palette

We curated a vibrant colour palette that reflected energy, growth, and positivity. The palette evoked a sense of empowerment and passion that aligned with their mission.


Typography Selection

We chose modern and elegant typography that conveyed professionalism and approachability simultaneously.

Defining Chapter
Defining Chapter

Website Revamp


Engaging Content

We rewrote their website content, focusing on clear messaging and engaging storytelling. The content highlighted Defning Chapter’s services, values, and their transformative impact on their clients.


Responsive Design

We ensured a responsive design that offered a seamless user experience across various devices, creating a platform accessible to all.


Visual Enhancements

Incorporating their new brand elements, we integrated visuals that captured the essence of their coaching and training programs.



Resonant Brand Identity

The rebranding efforts resulted in a brand identity that strongly resonates with Defining Chapter's target audience, portraying them as a dynamic and purpose-driven organization. The bold and impactful logo, vibrant color palette, and modern typography collectively conveyed strength, transformation, and professionalism.


Enhanced Online Engagement

The revamped website successfully communicated Defining Chapter’s services, values, and transformative impact. The clear messaging and engaging storytelling significantly improved user experience, leading to increased online engagement and interaction. Visitors now embark on an intuitive journey, exploring the essence of Defining Chapter's coaching and training programs seamlessly.


Positive Client Perception

The transformation not only met but exceeded the client's expectations. Defining Chapter's founder, Sean, expressed satisfaction with the expertise provided by Floom. The newly established brand identity and website not only beautifully showcased their mission but also captured the essence of Defining Chapter flawlessly, leaving a lasting positive impression on both existing and potential clients.

Defining Chapter


Through collaboration and creativity, we transformed Defining Chapter’s brand identity and online presence. The rebranding captured the spirit of their mission, while the website revamp created an engaging online hub for their services. This case study underscores the power of strategic branding and digital transformation in elevating a business’s impact and outreach.

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