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Varsity Trip

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Varsity Trip is the annual ski and snowboard trip organised by and for Oxbridge students. Taking around 3000 students to the Alps, the Varsity Trip has become more than the average ski trip. Known for its festival-style parties and on-the-mountain après-ski, Varsity Trip has hosted a number of internationally renowned acts and has been going for over 100 years.

When Varsity Trip approached Floom Creative, they sought not just a video but a dynamic storytelling experience and photography for the duration of the trip. The mission was to encapsulate the event’s exhilarating energy, moving beyond the typical ski trip documentation. With a diverse audience of Oxbridge students, Varsity Trip aimed to redefine its video strategy, incorporating a narrative that would resonate with participants and convey the vibrant spirit of the adventure.



Evoking Emotion through Storytelling

We wanted to reimagine Varsity Trip's video strategy. The focus was to move away from documenting the trip, to but weave a narrative that resonated with Oxbridge students and so the Yeti was born. The Yeti evoked a sense of adventure and mystique and quickly became a cult icon amongst those on the trip.


Capturing Every Thrill, Every Laugh

We committed to providing full coverage of the Varsity Trip, from festival-style parties to on-the-mountain après-ski. The lens wasn't confined to scripted moments; we skillfully captured the spontaneity, laughter, and genuine camaraderie that defines the uniqueness of Varsity Trip. Through a combination of planned shoots and candid captures, Floom ensured a comprehensive representation of the pulse and energy of the event.


Setting the Stage for Anticipation

Floom produced the 'Welcome Video', which served as more than just an introduction. It was a carefully designed prelude, setting the stage for the upcoming week of excitement. The Welcome Video not only conveyed logistical information but also elevated excitement with expansive drone shots setting the scene for the upcoming events. This welcoming teaser became a crucial part of the first week in Tignes.

Filming the Welcoming Video


Setting the Stage

The 'Welcome Video' served as a warm invitation, creating anticipation for the upcoming week of snowsports, competitions, and festival-style parties. It was a glimpse into the excitement that awaited, creating a sense of connection even before the trip began.


Visual Appeal

Beyond conveying information, we wanted to show off the beauty of Tignes with beautiful shots of the backcountry as well as the town. It was important to set the stage for all of the events and give safety information in a dynamic and cinematic way.


On-the-Ground Coverage


Beyond the Lens

As the snow-covered landscape of Tignes unfolded, Floom Creative seamlessly blended into the festivities. Beyond the planned shoots, the team extended its presence by capturing candid photos and posting them on social media the same day. This dynamic on-the-ground coverage not only engaged participants but also created an instant and authentic connection with a broader audience.


Spontaneity and Laughter

Floom Creative's on-the-ground coverage wasn't confined to scripted moments. The team skillfully captured the spontaneity, laughter, and genuine camaraderie that make Varsity Trip special. Through a combination of planned shoots and candid captures, Floom Creative ensured a comprehensive representation of the event's pulse.


Posting in Real-Time

Posting real-time photos on social media wasn't just about documentation; it was about creating instant connections. Floom Creative's strategic use of social platforms allowed them to engage participants and the broader audience simultaneously, fostering a sense of community and excitement in real-time.



Yeti's Vibrant Presence

The culmination of meticulous planning and on-the-ground coverage resulted in a cinematic experience that celebrated the historic Varsity Trip. The Yeti embodied the adventurous spirit that defines the event and its participants. Varsity Trip's audience were captivated by the visual representation of the trip's energy and camaraderie.


Brand Awareness 40K + Views

The final video garnered immense attention, surpassing expectations by accumulating over 40,000 views on social media platforms. This widespread viewership not only amplified the reach of Varsity Trip but also solidified its position as an event that resonated with a broad audience. Floom Creative's strategic storytelling and dynamic coverage played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable milestone, showcasing the power of visual storytelling in connecting with diverse audiences.


Real-Time Engagement Beyond the Slopes

Floom Creative's coverage went beyond capturing moments; it created a dynamic legacy. The photos shared on social media became a living extension of the Varsity Trip experience, fostering a sense of shared excitement and community that extended far beyond the snowy slopes of Tignes. This real-time engagement solidified the event's presence in the digital space, forging connections and keeping the Varsity Trip spirit alive long after the adventure concluded.


With Floom Creative at the helm of media production, Varsity Trip seamlessly unfolded its vibrant ski and snowboard adventure to a broader audience. The visually captivating content and compelling videos illuminated the event’s commitment to excitement, inclusivity, and the pursuit of winter sports excellence. This not only elevated participant engagement but also fortified the event’s distinctive identity, weaving a compelling narrative that highlighted the unique aspects that make Varsity Trip an unparalleled experience in the world of collegiate snowsports.

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