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U- Earth’s Mission is to create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.

Pure Air Zone is a global project providing people and companies with the right tools to make clean air a human right for all. Pure Air Zone is a ‘smart air’ service, creating clean air as if you were in a pure air bubble, while decontaminating the planet and giving you credits and brand reputation for doing so.

The Brief

To showcase the positive impact of U-Earth’s technology, they enlisted the help of Floom Creative to create a video case study.

Our team visited Reset Connect’s offices to capture footage of the U-Earth products in action and interview one of the founders Rich, on the motivations on becoming a pure air zone for him personally and at his office and Reset Connect Events.


The Solution

Through this video, we were able to effectively showcase the benefits of U-Earth’s solutions and highlight Reset Connect’s commitment to sustainability and the well-being of their community. We were proud to partner with U-Earth and Reset Connect to create this impactful video case study.

The Results

The video case study effectively highlighted the benefits of U-Earth’s air purification technology, including improved air quality and increased productivity and well-being among Reset Connect’s employees. In addition, the video showcased Reset Connect’s commitment to sustainability and their desire to drive change in the events industry through their use of U-Earth’s Biotech solutions.

Overall, the video was well-received and has helped to further raise awareness about the importance of clean air and the impact it can have on health and the environment.

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