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Natural Healing facilitates people’s healing by giving them the tools, time and energy to overcome their physical and mental limitations. 

Natural Healing

The Brief

Maximise Return on Investment

  1. Increase client acquisition
  2. Improve the functionality of google ad words account
  3. Diversify google ad campaigns
  4. Increase organic traffic through SEO.
Natural Healing
Natural Healing

The Solution


We decided that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising was the best way to achieve Natural Healing’s goals. We knew that by generating consistent and relevant leads, our PPC campaign would drive success and growth to their business.


6 steps to a successful campaign

Competitor Analysis

We conducted extensive research on Natural Healing’s competition. We dug deep into their competitors’ data, to unearth their marketing strategies. Doing so enabled us to see their competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and strategic flaws. By analysing the competitive landscape we were able to identify a unique marketing strategy for Natural Healing to ensure that they stood out from the rest.

Landing Page Creation

We created a stand-alone web page that potential customers would land on after clicking through the Google Ad. This landing page offered a focused call to action featured around a ‘hook’ in this instance, a special offer of a complimentary service that would prompt a user to sign up.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking enables us to identify and record the valuable actions, such as lead generation, sales, and downloads, that follow a consumer’s interaction with adverts. PPC conversion tracking allows us to gain insight into the type of customers we are attracting. With Google Ads, we are able to convert the data into detailed audience profiles. By analysing patterns in Natural Healing’s customer base, we were able to tailor their marketing to suit their audience.

Keyword Bid Optimisation

A keyword bid is a bid put into a PPC auction that allows the advertiser to secure ad placement. It specifies the amount one is willing to pay every time a user clicks on the ad. We managed Natural Healing’s keyword bids effectively to keep waste spending to a minimum whilst gaining the maximum ROI from the campaign. We ensured that we targeted the optimum keywords for Natural Healing when placing bids to avoid attracting the wrong audience.

Specific Ad Groups

An ad group is a collection of ads that share a similar target. These contain a set of keywords that share a common theme, such as different types of products or services you want to advertise. We created tailored ads relevant to different segments of Natural Healing’s audience. When a user searched for a keyword that appeared within the one ad group, they will be directed to a specific ad. We created content related to a common theme to target the needs of unique customers and focused on the relevant products or services they were looking for. This led to a higher conversion rate.

Campaign Optimisation

Marketing campaigns produce a huge amount of data. We analysed this data diligently so we had accurate information when optimising Natural Healing’s campaign. We performed regular tweaks to the campaign through bid adjustments on a range of variables including, age, audience segment, time and location. The continued optimisation of the campaign guaranteed their ads were continuing to hit their target market and getting them the maximum number of conversions!

1 %↑
Customer Increase a Month
1 %
Conversion Rate
1 %
Click Through Rate (CTR)
£ 1
Cost Per Conversion

The Results

Natural Healing is now the Leading Chiropractor and Health Practitioner on the South Coast. When we started with Josh back in 2021 he was the only person working in the business, now has a team of 5+ and his own private studio 3 years on.

Natural Healing

What Our Partners Say?​

I asked the team at Floom to help me increase my client base when I first started my business. Their Pay Per Click advertising has been fantastic and we continue to work together three years later. I couldn't be happier with the customer service and results.
Founder of Natural Healing

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