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Samba School Schools



Samba Soccer Schools is London’s premier football program for children aged 4-12. The program places a strong emphasis on well-being, empowerment, confidence-building, and skill development.

Samba Soccer Schools

The Brief

After Samba Soccer Schools expressed dissatisfaction with their previous PPC campaign, Floom Creative was brought on board to audit and manage the program’s Google Ads account. The objective was to improve the campaign’s performance by generating more leads and conversions while staying within the program’s budget and capacity limitations.

Samba Soccer Schools
1 %↑
Monthly Conversions
1 %↑
Conversion Rate
1 %↑
Click Through Rate (CTR)
1 %⬇
Cost Per Conversion

The Results

After 4-6 months of optimizing the Google Ads campaign, the following improvements were seen from June 2022 to January 2023:

  • 134% increase in conversions
  • 139% increase in conversion rate
  • 108% increase in click-through rate
  • 57% decrease in cost per conversion

The Approach

The Floom team approached the project with a meticulous analysis of all variables in the Google Ads account. This included segmenting data by location, audience, and ad schedule, and creating specific ad groups and ads relevant to different search queries. Testing was done on different offerings and variables, such as free sessions and kits, as well as ad headlines and titles, to identify the most effective strategies for generating leads and conversions.

Overall, by taking a strategic and data-driven approach, Floom Creative was able to significantly improve the performance of Samba Soccer School’s PPC campaign, generating more leads and conversions while staying within budget and capacity constraints.


Samba Soccer Schools

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